Public Libraries Victoria Network is a collaborative and advocacy organisation comprised of Victorian Local Government Public Library Services.    Activities range from information sharing and training to setting up of consortia to conduct projects and purchase materials in a collaborative manner. 

Victoria has 47 public library services.  There are 34 services operated by individual councils, 11 regional library corporations which provide services for a number of councils, one shared library service operated by the City of Ballarat for itself and six other municpalities  and the Vision Australia Information and Library service which provides services to the print-impaired.

Throughout Victoria there are 262 branch libraries, 27 mobile libraries and 27 other service points.  Branch and mobile libraries are open 10,896 hours per week and receive more than 27 million visits each year.  2.5 million people or 46.2% of the Victorian population belong to a public library.

PLVN has as its vision : A dynamic and effective network of Victorian public library services.

and its mission : To collaborate, to advocate and to represent the mutual interests of member libraries.


Executive Committee Members 2014-15:

President: John Murrell, West Gippsland Regional Library Corporation -

Vice President: Patti Manolis, Geelong Regional Library Corporation -

Secretary and Public Officer: Karyn Siegmann, Bayside Library Service -

Treasurer: Joseph Cullen - Eastern Regional Libraries -;


Committee Members

Michael Byrne (, Sally Jones (, Chris Kelly (, Chris Mackenzie ( and Jenny Ruffy (

PLVN has a moderated mailing list which is open to everyone working in Victorian public libraries.  This is used to disseminate information and act as a forum on issues. To apply to join go to


Appointment of Manager Library Strategy & Development at Moreland 



I’m very excited to announce the appointment of Wendy Quihampton to the position of Unit Manager Library Strategy and Development at Moreland.


Wendy has an exceptional career with 14 years working in and with public libraries, including 6 years as a library systems consultant, as well as a period as Manager of Brimbank Libraries, and more recently 12 years at the State Library of Victoria.


While at the State Library Wendy has worked in a number of roles.

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